Cascale Presents at Asser Institute Spring Academy Course Event

April 19, 2024

James Crowley, transparency and traceability manager at Cascale, recently presented on “Traceability Systems & The Higg Index Tools: Use cases for sustainability and due diligence” at the Asser Institute-Centre for International & European Law in The Hague.

The event was part of a course geared towards helping students develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in using digital technologies in the corporate sustainability due diligence process.

Crowley’s session focused on digital technologies’ pivotal role in ensuring product traceability along global supply chains. He started his presentation by showcasing Cascale’s Higg Index suite of tools, followed by a deep dive into landscaping Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) traceability systems based on due diligence and sustainability use cases.

Crowley gave an overview of the current landscape of traceability systems and ESG digital tools, providing a step-by-step taxonomy analysis of key traceability systems, descriptions, use cases, and limitations. He also shared Cascale’s evolving approach to traceability and policy guidance, highlighting the organization’s focus on capacity building and collective action in line with ESG best practices across the value chain.

Crowley concluded his presentation by speaking on upcoming legislation, noting Cascale’s efforts to track and share policy developments, including the  “Navigating Legislation & the Higg Index” webinar series and reports.

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