Cascale for Non-Corporates

Breaking down barriers and fostering impactful collaborations can be challenging. We are here to bridge the gap and empower our affiliate members to help drive transformative change.

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Key Benefits

As an affiliate member, you gain access to resources, tools, and a global community of 300 like-minded changemakers.

Collaboration and Engagement

NGOs and academic institutions can engage with a wide range of industry stakeholders, including brands, retailers, and manufacturers, facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing for more impactful initiatives.

Influencing Industry Change

Membership allows NGOs and academia to influence industry practices, advocate for sustainable policies, and contribute to creating a more equitable and restorative consumer goods industry.

Access to Insights and Data

 Membership provides access to valuable industry data and insights through the Higg Index, enabling NGOs and academia to conduct informed research and analysis.

Capacity Building

We offer capacity-building opportunities, enabling NGOs and academic institutions to enhance their knowledge and expertise in sustainable practices.

Visibility and Credibility

Affiliation with us enhances the visibility and credibility of NGOs and academia, showcasing their commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s what our members are saying.

Cascale is challenging the apparel industry to be as ambitious and forward-looking as possible. At the World Resources Institute, we are a non-profit, and we are interested in helping companies move aggressively forward on issues and challenges of sustainability.

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Liz Cook, World Resources Institute
Executive Vice President

All Non-Corporate Members

How to Become a Member

Be part of a global alliance committed to a sustainable future. Together, we can drive impactful change in the consumer goods industry.

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